Bedroom For Girl In Brown And Blue

Bedroom for girl can be decorated not only with pink or lilac. You can present a new look in the bedroom by using the combo of blue and brown. Maybe this is not the popular combo for a girl’s bedroom. But at least, it can banish the boring feeling of pink, fuchsia, white and lilac color.

You need to get out from the comfort zone by presenting something different for the bedroom for a girl. There are many themes that you can present here. You can choose the farmhouse style in the bedroom.

Blue can be used to treat the ceiling in the room. It can be used to resemble the color of the sunny sky. You can add white color as the cloud. When you like to treat the wall, you can choose browns. It comes in various tones. To make the room bigger, you can go with tan, taupe, sandy coral, ecru and peach. If you love with rustic and country view in the room, you can panel the wall in the bedroom. It can bring wonderful textures. Then you can set a small shelving unit in the room painted in blue. The bedroom for girl will look plain if you cannot present the third color.

Choose the light tone if your blue and brown colors come in dark tone. You can choose white or honey yellow. Use this color to characterize the color for the lampshade, window covering, and curtain. You can spread an area rug for a comfy spot for the girl to play, study, or take a nap.

Pick the fluffy one to make her warm. Then you can spread some toss pillows on the area rug for add comfort. Ensure that the toss pillows used in bed are similar with the one used in area rug of your bedroom for girl.