Bathroom Rugs and Accessories

Before you go out and shop for bathroom rugs and accessories, there are a few things you have to keep in mind before buying. Whether you’re renovating or you’ve recently moved into a new apartment is currently filling up your new home with random stuff, there are things that you need to list down or consider to make sure you find something that will be useful to you.

Before that however, let’s just talk about how important it is to have bathroom rugs. For safety reasons, I like to have rugs in the bathroom because you never know when water spills on the tiles and without anything to dry your slippers on; you’re looking at a very high possibility of slipping and hurting yourself. Also, I use the rugs to determine if I need to clean the bathroom already. Constant mopping may make the floor look clean but when I notice the rugs to be dirty, grimy or whatever, I know it’s time to get a major cleaning activity in the bathroom. As for accessories, I use them for organization purposes. I’d like to put my soap on a soap dish and not anywhere else. Same is true for my toothpaste, brush and others.

Budget is first. Always separate the money you can afford for the bathroom rugs and accessories and stick to it. Second, think of your space. Consider the size of the rugs you’re looking for and how many accessories can you fit in the bathroom without crowding it.

Third, I’d like to consider your style. If you’re going for a particular theme in the bathroom interior design, keep this in mind. I Whether it’s a cartoon character, a color theme or an interior design style, consider all these before buying bathroom rugs and accessories so you end up having a bathroom with a unified theme.