Bathroom Corner Vanity

When you’re trying to maximize a bathroom space, a bathroom corner vanity makes a lot of sense. Common bathroom arrangements put the toilet and vanity parallel to each other. With a little space between the two and the shower area, it makes up an efficient bathroom arrangement.

However there are other ways to maximize a very small bathroom space. Proper arrangement can help you get the most out of a little space. Some may even consider using a non-traditional door. A sliding door helps make a small space seem bigger. When you use a swing door, it occupies space when it is opened compared to when you use a sliding door, you get the same space inside the bathroom whether the door is opened or closed.

Sinks are particularly important in bathrooms. Some homeowners who have to work with a small space install a sink and use it as the vanity as well. But if you really want to have a bathroom vanity in a small bathroom, you have the option to use a small vanity with a sink to have a 2-in-1 kind of thing in the bathroom. You also have the option to use a sink and install a mirror just above the sink with boards on the side to function as storage spaces for your vanity stuff.

Another option is to use a corner vanity. It occupies a space that is usually overlooked and most of the time unused so you don’t miss the space. Also, it creates more space in the central area of the bathroom which will allow more moving space. Most people use the corner just beside the door so it doesn’t get in the way while showering or using the toilet. A bathroom corner vanity is a good way to maximize a small space for you bathroom in a small home or small apartment.