Balinese Living Room Design

Create a Balinese living room design with these great ideas! The Balinese interior is popular among homeowners because it’s reminiscent of a tropical resort. People who’ve experienced Bali will surely understand this. Most furnishings in a Balinese home are made from wood and rattan which creates a very natural feel to the overall interior.

When we talk about Balinese designs, we immediately associate it with wood, batik, tropical plants and traditional paintings. So, if you want to create a Balinese Living Room Design, you will have to incorporate natural finishes like wood, bamboo or stone. As for a color theme, stick to a neutral color and use the accessories to bring in the colors through Ikat designs or Batik designs. Also, add large wall decorations with intricate carvings or accessories that make a statement but don’t add clutter. As for lighting, create a soft, ambient lighting by using lamps.

Ideas that can help create a Balinese living room design

If your current living room design interior is okay, you don’t need to make a full renovation to get a Balinese interior. By adding accents that represent the Balinese culture, you can achieve this easily and with less costs.

Use a wooden clock in the living room and add a wooden chair made from teak or ata. Larger pieces of furniture can be difficult to incorporate but a chair is less bulky. Add art works or wall hangings that have the Balinese batik design. One thing very rich in the Balinese design is their connection to their culture. The Batik print is a good way to add color to your living room interior. You can use artwork that depicts the life of Buddha and other religious pictures. Creating a Balinese living room design is all about adding the elements that speak for the culture of Bali.