Balinese Design For Ethnic Style

If you like to pick one of the best Asian home designs, you can go with Balinese design. Bali is one of the beautiful islands in the world. You can bring the natural and tropical decor at home by using Bali as the inspiration.

You can pick the carved decor, craftsman furniture and modular looking style to bring interesting and new feeling in living space, bathroom and bedroom. You can adorn the wall paint with tropical color schemes like mint green, off white, pastel blue, turquoise, sea foam blue, and aqua blue. All of them can deliver the nautical style at home.

Bali home decor is popular for it can deliver the breezy and airy feeling in the room. The light in the room should well decide. You can make the small room look big by having much natural light in the morning. You can open the window. If your living room is not equipped with a big window, you can install skylight on the roof to bring more illumination in Balinese design. The terrace and courtyard style in the garden can be used as the extension on the kitchen or living room.

It can bring the open space feeling. You can adorn the terrace and porch with forest garden style. Set some flower bed to bring the exotic and beautiful look at home. The decoration used in the room can be made from various materials. You can set the tropical design by using basket made from rattan or wicker.

They can be used for storage space under the coffee table. If you want different look in the room, the floor can be installed using tile. The window covering should come in flattering design. You can have it made in hibiscus red curtain to deliver the tropical accent in Balinese design.