2019 Living Room Ideas With Black Color

2019 living room ideas should look edgy, comfortable, and futuristic. You can pick black as the main color in the room. Some people think that they are going too far when picking black as the main accent to beautify the living space. Black is a dark color that can express the gloomy look at home.

If your living space is made in small area, it tends to make it even smaller. The concern is not wrong. But with the right tricks, you can make black as the main shade to define the living room. You can make the area look daring and superb by painting the wall in black color.

You can make it look modern if you choose the color in semi gloss paint. Avoid the selection of white damask pattern on the black wall since it can present the Gothic style. If you like with traditional look, you can use the pattern. However, you can leave the black wall in bare state to deliver the modern look. Since you have dark look, you need to reduce the gloomy effect by selecting the accessories, furnishing, furniture, ceiling and flooring treatment in light color. You can make 2019 living room ideas open by using neutral shades. You can install hardwood flooring in light wooden tone.

Then you can spread an area rug in white color. The couch, sofa and love seats can be upholstered in pure white. Adorn them by using cream toss pillows. The window in the room looks bigger when you install floor to ceiling flattering fabric curtain in white color. The wall will look bare if you do not hang any painting or pictures. You can carry eye popping style by using family pictures with a white or silver frame on the black wall in 2019 living room ideas.